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David Tompkins

Intersections in Maryland Can Be Dangerous

NBC reported that another pedestrian has been killed in Prince George’s County. On January 12, 2008, Rosario Gonzales was killed at the notoriously dangerous intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and University Boulevard.The sad part of this story is that the person that struck and killed Mr. Gonzalez did not have the human decency to stop. The person who hit Mr. Gonzalez fled the scene, and…

David Tompkins

SUV Rollovers: A Persistent Crucial Problem

Steps to take when you are involved in an SUV Rollover:1. Take pictures of the SUV and all vehicles involved in the collision.2. Take pictures of location where the accident took place. These pictures should show the layout of the road and include any scrapes on the road, tire marks or skid marks.3. Keep the SUV even if it is totaled. 4. Take the names, addresses and phone numbers of any…

David Tompkins

Allstate Tells Missouri Courts to "Kiss-Off"

Allstate Insurance Company was ordered by a Missouri trial court to produce documents related to its “McKinsey Study” program, and Allstates relatively new claims handling program.Allstate, refusing to make public just how shady its claims handling processes are for automobile accident victims, has accepted as a business proposition a $25,000.00 per day sanction from Judge Michael Manners. …

David Tompkins

Teens and Driving: Parents Need to Protect Their Kids

Some of the most tragic cases that I see involve young people. On November 12, 2007 another teenager died in a single car accident. This brings the total teen death rate for suburban Montgomery County to seven in a single week! We strongly encourage parents to take a leadership role with their children. What our experience has shown, and what all emperical data we have seen…

Shannon Weidemann

California May Target Uninsured Motorists

Driving while uninsured in California may become a thing of the past if the Insurance Commissioner has his way. He is trying to place an intiative on the November 2008 ballot to get uninsured motorists off the road. It may work by revoking license plates on cars or allowing police officers greater power in dealing with the uninsured. Advocates of the low-cost program and the possible…

Shannon Weidemann

Man Hurt in Nampa Pedestrian Accident

A man was crossing the street in Nampa when he was hit by a car and injured on Monday evening. The pedestrian accident happened on 11th Avenue North at 3rd Street North. There is no marked crosswalk at the intersection. The crash is still under investigation. At this point investigators know that the vehicle was headed north on 11th Avenue North and the pedestrian was walking east across…

Shannon Weidemann

Smithtown Car Accident Kills Two

A car accident in Smithtown this morning killed two teenagers. They were both thrown from the vehicle they were passengers in after it hit another car and a guardrail. The accident happened on Jericho Turnpike. The driver of the car is a 17-year-old student at Smithtown High School West. The two teens were pronounced dead at the scene, Compagnone said. It is not known whether they were…