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Halloween Ugly Teeth Recalled for Lead

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A set of novelty teeth meant to be worn in the mouth as a Halloween costume accessory has been recalled due to its lead content. The recalled Ugly Teeth has a lead content of 6 to 7 percent which far exceeds the US safety standard. Lead exposure is worse when taken into the mouth.

“Lead paint is a problem when it’s ingested by a child, so to have lead on an item that is designed to go into the mouth — that’s what’s particularly horrifying about these teeth,” said Dr Jeffrey Weidenhamer of Ashland University in Ohio, the team leader.

“We analysed the paint on the surface of the teeth. The orange teeth were the worst in terms of having six to seven percent lead by weight in the paint,” Weidenhamer said.

If you purchased the teeth it is advised that you do not use them. They were sold by Factory Card and Party Outlet in the United States.