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Woman Killed in Motor Vehicle Collision by Driver Fleeing Police

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Police Chase, Montgomery County, Maryland, Death of Mother, Automobile Collision.

Yesterday, a 32 year old mother of two was killed by a 19 year old man fleeing police. The collision occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland on Maryland Route 355 at Goshen Road. Police indicate that they pulled over the driver of the negligent vehicle for not having its headlights on at night. The vehicle then sped off, without headlights, running red lights, and ultimatly killing a woman and devestating her family.

This type of police chase seems so unnecessary. A normal traffic stop of a young, teenage driver, who’s tags, vehicle and description have all been recorded by police, ends in the death of an innocent mother. Now, there are two children without a mother and a husband without a wife raising two children. For what? Another traffic ticket? Did police really need to chase that vehicle?

This type of police chase should not happen. Innocent motorists should not pay with their lives because the police can’t stand to give up a ticket or an afront to their authority.