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Wrongful Death Case Filed Against Cruise Line

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Carnival Cruise Line has been sued for wrongful death after a man became ill from Norovirus and died while on a trans-atlantic cruise. The 76-year-old man was one of hundreds that became ill on the 16-day voyage. The lawsuit alleges he became ill from eating contaminated food. The ship’s doctor was also listed in the lawsuit.

Norovirus is a highly contagious illness that causes vomiting and diarrhea and is second only to the common cold in its prevalence. The bug, which typically lasts one to three days, is unusually hardy and can spread through feces and vomiting, food contamination and by contact with surfaces such as doorknobs and railings.

It is rare for Norovirus to result in death, although cases have been noted among the frail and elderly.

The cruise line commented that the man died from a pre-existing condition and they were not responsible for his illness and death. The man was sailing on the Carnival Liberty from Italy in November of 2006. The cruise line is based in Miami.